3 Tweaks That Majorly Improve My Day

Since I try to use this blog to share my personal experiences + advice with self-care, I want to focus today’s post on three tweaks I made that have really been benefitting me. This is going to be a fairly short post (and honestly may seem pretty obvious), but I want to share with y’all because doing these three things every day makes such a huge impact on my overall productivity level and mood. Here we go–three things that I wasn’t doing, but should have been all along, that seriously make a difference.

 1: Make My Bed


Growing up, my mom insisted we make our bed each day. It was part of our daily chore list. I hated it. Literally, there was nothing I despised more than making my bed. So…as a college student and adult, I just didn’t. I never really gave it much thought. I mean I knew I should make my bed each day, but I never gave it the extra effort. When we moved to Fort Rucker and I met my new friend Cori, we had the discussion that we both wanted to get in the habit of doing two things each morning: make our beds and actually do a full morning skincare routine. I was up for the challenge, especially with my new accountability partner, and immediately started noticing the difference. Suddenly, that one small task led to a full day of productivity, completing one small task after another. Plus, I’m not nearly as likely to hop back in bed and nap when the kids are napping if my bed is made. Instead, I’m sitting here writing this blog post for you guys!

2: Wash My Face

As the second part of our challenge, I started washing my face each morning. This should be a given, especially considering I’m a Perfectly Posh Influencer so I literally have some of the BEST products in my house at all times…but before, I just wasn’t making it a priority. Since I’ve started my morning face care routine, I’ve noticed I not only have clearer, more radiant skin but I also am wayyyy more likely to get dressed and get ready for the day. As a current stay at home mama, this is a major factor for me. Quick tip: make sure you have products that you love to use. If you aren’t excited to use the products, you’re much less likely to actually follow through with washing your face each day. Here’s a quick glance into what my current morning routine looks like:


  1. Wash my face with BFF face wash. I love it because it’s super refreshing and gently exfoliating (aka helping my skin to look rejuvenated every day).
  2. Apply Well Adjusted daily toner.
  3. Use Defiant Uplifting Eye Cream to get rid of any bags or dark circles…because as a mama of a two year old and newborn, y’all know I need this one! Personally, I see a major difference using this specific eye cream.
  4. Apply Moisturize 911 as a light moisturizer for the day.
  5. Finally, I use Block It Like It’s Hot to keep my skin protected from the sun. This is a fairly new step for me, but much needed in this Alabama heat. Block It Like It’s Hot isn’t heavy and doesn’t make my face feel oily or slimy + there’s not a noticeable sunscreen smell! If you need a facial sunscreen, I highly recommend checking this one out.

3: Get Moving!

img_6839  The final change I’ve been working to implement is to make sure I get moving right after I have my first two steps completed. I’m a mama to two babies 2 and under, y’all. I know it’s hard, and I was totally letting myself use this as an excuse before. But, I feel soooo much better when I actually go for a walk or do some quick yoga. The plus side to going on a daily walk? Sallie Jayne naps in the stroller, and it gets both kids out of the house and into the fresh air! I aim for 3-5 miles a day, which seems like a TON of walking until you start doing it. Totally something I look forward to each day and feel like my day is incomplete without.

There you have it–>3 tweaks to my morning schedule that have personally caused a major shift in my daily productivity. My bonus tip? Find an accountability partner to challenge you–not just with working out, but in your daily life. Finding a tribe of girls that motivate you, pray for you, and push you to be successful is the very best tip I can give. If you need a health accountability partner and someone to steal meal ideas + motivation from, go follow my friend Cori on Instagram: @mommawissel. She does free challenges and weekly meal plans, plus supplies a whole lot of motivation! 

What tips do you have to increase your productivity? Do you make your bed daily? Wash your face each morning? Let me know what works for you or what you hope to improve! Let’s start this self-care conversation!

Side note: All products mentioned are naturally-based and made in the USA. You can check out all my recommended products here!

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