5 Ways I Run a Successful Perfectly Posh Business

img_7792The most common question I’m asked when people are considering joining Perfectly Posh as a consultant and starting their own business is- “How much work do you have to put in?” 

Typically, I smile and reply, “Well, how successful do you want to be? How much money do you need to see each month?”

Because, y’all, being a Perfectly Posh consultant means owning the fact that you have a business to run! (Notice how I keep using bold for the word “business“.) You have customers to check in on, samples to make, thank yous to send! If you want to see real, business profits,


you have to decide when you join that you’re going to run a real business and complete real business tasks.

Or hey…don’t! Just use it as a little extra cash here and there. That is also 100% okay! My team is filled with both kinds of women.

But, if you want to go for it, you better be ready to work! And now that my rant of the day is over…..


Let’s chat about what I do as a Perfectly Posh Consultant

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#1) Get Posh on the People!  

The fundamental way I grow my customer base and profit in sales is by getting samples out to anyone and everyone who would like to try them! I use my social media platforms to offer free samples, I carry them with me at all times, I send them to previous customers with a thank you note for their purchase. There are a billion ways to get samples out! And then? I check back in on them!

I personally loveeee sharing samples! The entire reason I joined Perfectly Posh in first place was because I fell in love with the products. Why wouldn’t I adore sharing them? You can even request your own free samples by filling out this survey!

So, a good chunk of my time is spent sitting on my couch or working in my office to prep sample packets to go out. Honestly, it’s so fulfilling! I get to be surrounded by products that smell amazing while I’m (usually) listening to music or a podcast. Sure, it’s “work” but I personally love it!

#2) Recognize My Magnolia Posh Babe Teammates!

img_7668The ladies on my team work HARD. They are constantly inspiring me and each other, pushing out samples, making sales, and striving to learn better ways to pamper their own customers. They deserve some recognition! I like to send out monthly postcards (like the ones on the left) awarding them for these achievements. In addition to these post cards, I also like to add a little competitive spirit to our team page most months. As a competitive person by nature, I love a good challenge. We keep it interesting as I push them to grow their businesses more and more each month. Sometimes it’s a Starbucks or Wal*Mart gift card, sometimes it’s a personal development book! I love gifting, and I hope they love being a “Magnolia Posh Babe”.

#3) Try out, show off, and photograph the products!

Um hello! This is like the best part of the job. Who doesn’t love pampering themselves as they’re trying out new products for work? While I’m working on my Posh tasks, I often apply a face mask or body mud. Then, I can knock out two birds with one stone: get a photograph for my business page, blog, or Instagram AND I detox my skin!

I know what you’re thinking–you’re not a photographer. You don’t have a camera. Guess what? Neither do I. I use my iPhone to do anything I need to for my business!

#4) Place orders and deliver products!

Since I do most of my business online, a lot of my customers use my Perfectly Posh website to place orders on their own. However, I also offer lots of other ways to order! Local customers can join in on my bulk order to save shipping, many customers take advantage of my Posh of the Month Pampering Box (this month’s is Let’s Get Cozy and can be claimed here), and other times, I just have giveaways to mail!

#5) Welcome Magnolia Posh Babes and offer Team Training/Support

One of my favorite parts about being a Perfectly Posh consultant (and team leader) is being able to offer support to the ladies on my team.a9e5cc5a-2855-48d2-b178-56a9b319c47b As a consultant, we have access to unlimited FREE training from our awesome Home Office to help us rock out our businesses and be as successful as possible! On our Magnolia Posh team page, I go live (the pictures on the right are snapped from one of my recent videos) and chat/answer questions/check in on my teammates. My personal goal is to help everyone who decides to take the same leap into business that I did become successful! I want these ladies to love working their business, see rewards from it, and truly know they are making an impact in other women’s lives! When you join as a consultant with me, you receive a gift pack to get you started + me as your personal mentor!

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset
Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

Are you ready to take that leap? Our Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get your business up and running for just $99. Y’all, it’s actually a $250 value! **Special Deal Alert: If you’re reading this before October 7th, 2018, you can snag your kit on sale for just $84!!! Let me welcome you into our team!

Ready to join now?! Grab your Starter Kit here!

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to me on any social media platform or shoot me an email at magnolia posh@gmail.com! I would love to talk with you.

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